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Do you do a lot of paper based marketing? For example, flyers, brochures, newsletters? Or send out hundreds of emails from Outlook or your email client?

Email marketing can help your company reduce costs by switching your direct marketing to a cheaper, greener alternative. E-mail marketing saves you money and time by providing a quicker method to get your message to your existing or potential clients at a substantially reduced cost.

Planethome Designs offers a managed email marketing service. This is not just a mass email distribution service to a distribution list but a service that offers results and measures success.  We take the hassle out of E-mail marketing by ensuring your emails won’t be filtered as spam.

This service includes:

  • Uploading of your subscriber lists
  • Design of the email template with your content and artwork (we can also design your artwork)
  • Managing and monitoring the results of the campaign
  • Access to detailed reports of the campaign indicating number of read receipts, bounce backs, clicks on links and unsubscribed users
  • Image Hosting (images are not sent with the email)
  • Bounce reports to remove invalid email addresses
  • Segmented campaigns - send to all you subscribers or send based on gender, age, target market or whatever you choose.
  • Create customised subscriber forms for your website to collect your subscriber data
  • Automated unsubscribe feature (one click unsubscribe)
  • As many subscribers as you want

Two great options - fully managed or DIY

Email marketing reportsWe have two great options available. If you're too busy and couldn't be bothered, we can take care of the entire campaign for you. Just send us the content and we will format, test it, distribute it and monitor the results. You get access to a great set of reports that let you know how successful your campaign has been and can compare results to previous campaigns

But if you send regularly and you want full control, we can create your email template, or multiple templates, and you can create your own newsletters whenever you want using our online tools, select your subscribers and schedule when you want the campaign released. You have full control and still get the same great reports to manage your campaigns effectively.


Our pricing is simple, contact us to find out how you can save time & money with a fully managed e-mail marketing service.

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