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Planethome Designs specialises in building websites for small to medium sized businesses. Our focus is on building attractive websites that comply with current standards, are search engine friendly and will give you a website you can be proud of.

Our services include:

Website Design

The design of website today is often as important as the content. A visually attractive design will grab the attention of the viewer and encourage them to explore your site further. The layout and structure of the content will keep them interested in exploring the site and help search engines find you quicker. We pay particular attention to both these aspects of creating a website and focus on standards compliant coding, so that your site is available to more browsers, including people with disabilities...more

Website Development

Often websites need more than just an attractive design and need to be functional, providing items such as shopping carts, online forms, photo galleries, databases or other applications that enable businesses to transact online. Planet home designs can provide you with a solution for light application development to enhance your website...more

Website Management

When last did you update your website? When last did you add new content? Often, small businesses are too busy trying to run their business, rather than worrying about what's on their website or how to change it. Understanding HTML code and style sheets can be confronting. We understand that and can offer you the ability to either use a content management system (CMS) that will make it easy for you to change the content on your website, or offer a service, whereby you can send us the changes and we will update the site for you...more

Email Marketing

Email marketing can help your company reduce costs by switching your direct marketing to a cheaper, greener alternative. E-mail marketing saves you money and time by providing a quicker method to get your message to your existing or potential clients at a substantially reduced cost...more

Website Hosting and Domain Names

Linux, Windows, PHP, ASP, SQL, coldfusion, bandwidth, storage, FTP, etc. Confusing? You bet and as a small-business these are things that you should not be worrying about. We will take care of the hosting and provide the correct hosting solution for your website. We can also arrange domain names if needed...more

Other Services

We partner with providers that specialise in other areas of websites, such as search engine optimatisation, website marketing, Flash designs, copy writing etc. Whatever your requirement, we can help.

For rates on website design, management and hosting, contact us for a no-obligation quote.

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