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Amcor Packaging

Amcor is a global leader in packaging solutions. This joint project (see more below) provided Amcor with a new website that cost less than half of the cost of the website 4 years prior and reduced ongoing costs by 30%.

Features: CMS - Clickablility

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Not only does the new Amcor website provide their staff with a site they can be proud of, major benefits of this project include:

The use of HTML and CSS that conforms to web standards allows the site to change rapidly if business structures or rebranding is undertaken.

Project contributors:

Planethome Designs developed the HTML templates and CSS for use in the Clickability content management system.  

Overall Project Management and Content: CommOut

Graphic Design: Equest Design

CMS: Clickability

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Melbourne Water Sustainability Report 2007

Melbourne Water's Sustainability Report 2006/07 is a combined annual and sustainability report that provides a comprehensive account of their achievements, disappointments and challenges meeting their obligations as the water resource manager for Melbourn

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Also see: Soical and environmental data report 2006/7

All HTML, CSS and content uploading by Planethome Designs.  

Graphic Design: Equest Design 

Kimberley Wild Expeditions Online Bookings

Kimberley Wild Online Bookings

Features: ASP/SQL Booking database and Administration

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Planethome developed the online booking system for Kimberley Wild based on the customer's unique requirements. It includes the tour descriptions, the online booking form and the backend database to manage bookings and tours.

InterPrac Financial Services

InterPrac Financial Services

Features: Members section, financials calculators, online multipage forms, Database

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InterPrac provides professional services for accounting practices and their clients. Designed and maintained by Planethome Designs.


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